2021.04.07   -    Our essay on Vilnius was recently published on topos magazine. Following vastly contrasting ideologies of ruling powers the city fabric has resulted in a patchwork, leaving randomly preserved gaps of countryside, natural landscapes and wild forests in between newly developed neighbourhoods and historically formed areas. The city full of unexpected and often perplexing juxtapositions that enliven as well as jolt the viewer’s consciousness. These qualities proved the resilience of Vilnius during the Covid-19 lockdowns with the abundance of open spaces enjoyed by its residents therefore should be carefully preserved as the fundamental qualities of a future city! Read full article here

2020.10.29   -   We are happy to share the great news that our proposal Three Pieces was selected as a winner among 127 entries in the International Idea competition for the Linnanniemi area surrounding medieval Turku Castle! Read more here

2020.10.15   -   Gabrielė Ubarevičiūtė was invited as a jury member for this year's BAUA Award, evaluating the best Bachelor and Masters projects in Baltic countries! More info here

2020.08.24   -   House and the River is nominated for EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award! More info here

2020.03.02   -   Gabrielė Ubarevičiūtė participating in Lukiškės Prison Conversion Workshop. More info here

2020.02.21   -   Dental Studio conversion is nearing completion. More info soon